About Needle House

We love all things needlepoint!

Needle House is a warm and welcoming needlepoint shop located in Houston, TX that offers extensive services, canvases, and fibers.

We pride ourselves on the quantity and quality of services that we offer. 
  • We have outstanding finishers who never cease to amaze with their creativity and expertise. 
  • Needle House also offers a lettering service. Think of all those stockings that need to be stitched! They could never be complete without the name on the cuff. We would be delighted to letter any canvas with the name(s) or phrase of your choice. 
  • Have a new project that needs that special something? Let the talented staff of Needle House tailor a stitch guide to fit your hopes and dreams. We'll pull the fibers for the project for you too if you'd like!
  • For those projects you can't live without that come along when life is just too hectic, Needle House offers a stitching service. We will finish a project for you from start to finish. Contact Needle House for more information as pricing varies per project.

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